Become The Best Version Of You!

At LIFT our Personal Trainers will inspire, challenge, and empower you. Whether you're just getting started or a fitness veteran, we'll help you elevate your fitness.

Why You'll Love Having A Lift Personal Trainer

Our trainers are not only educated and certified but know the true meaning of coaching to help you achieve your goals. Our focus is you! We will keep you motivated and dedicated to your goal - even after you achieve it.

Get Results

Our LIFT Trainers will fast track you to your results. They take all the guesswork out and put you on a customized plan designed specifically for your body, goals, and lifestyle.

Save Time

Our LIFT Personal Trainers know that your time is valuable. Maximising your workouts is key to long term success and mainlining your results.

Stay Motivated

We'll give you the tools you need to keep accountable on staying consistent along your journey. That's why you'll get results that you can maintain for a life time.

A Proven Support System That Works


Our Lift coaches will guide you through a 60 minute session with your needs and goals in mind allowing you to make progress each week.


Our Lift coaches have helped hundreds of clients with their nutrition. They use a mix of nutritional strategies to help you achieve your goals. Weather it be macro tracking or custom meal plans to follow, we will make sure your on the right plan.


Our Lift coaches will help guide you to the classes that best compliment your goals. Classes are included in all Personal Training plans.

We Can Help You At Lift

Lose Weight

Lift coaches will focus on training and nutrition to maximise your weight loss goals using strategies to break through plateaus. We promote healthy weight loss that will be maintainable-no more fad diets!

Muscle Building

Lift coaches help prioritize strength training in your program, also assist with proper form, technique and having a well-balanced program to build you up!

Improved Mobility

Our Lift coaches will help you move better, reduce pain, improve flexibility, and enhance your posture. We are educated to assist with injuries allowing you to still achieve goals while healing.

Better Quality Of Life

Our Lift coaches can improve the quality of life by increasing energy, building resilience, drive, and increasing your awareness of just how capable you are!

Download Our App

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